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I had a campus interview of Nvidia Software profile for their infrastructure team at Bangalore and here is my experience. Written Test 15 questions on… Read More
Suppose the adjacency relation of vertices in a graph is represented in a table Adj(X,Y). Which of the following queries cannot be expressed by a… Read More
Hi, I recently interviewed with Goldman Sachs, and had 4 rounds of interview with them at their campus in Bangalore. Round 1 : Technical –… Read More
There was 1 coding round and 4 F2F interviews. This was for Software Developer Position(Note:-It was not for the research division in Walmart Labs) Coding… Read More
Suppose a processor does not have any stack pointer register. Which of the following statements is true? (A) It cannot have subroutine call instruction (B)… Read More
Not many campuses around the world deal with “placement season” as we do in IITs. Only an IITian can understand the significance of December 1,… Read More
I got mail one day that I have an Interview scheduled on next day in Bangalore. Round 1 onsite: I think this round was just… Read More
Recently I had interview with for SDE1 position for 1+ year experience. It was kindle team. Round 1: 1 hour – written test at… Read More
A simple sentence if syntactically correct if it fulfills given rules. The following are given rules. 1. Sentence must start with a Uppercase character (e.g.… Read More
A weight-balanced tree is a binary tree in which for each node, the number of nodes in the left subtree is at least half and… Read More
Given an array of 0s and 1s, find the position of 0 to be replaced with 1 to get longest continuous sequence of 1s. Expected… Read More
The minimum number of colours required to colour the vertices of a cycle with η nodes in such a way that no two adjacent nodes… Read More
We recommend reading the following post as a prerequisite of this post. K’th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array | Set 1 Given an array and… Read More
We recommend to read following post as a prerequisite of this post. K’th Smallest/Largest Element in Unsorted Array | Set 1 Given an array and… Read More
I recently participated in an On-campus TCS recruitment drive and got selected as Junior Software Engg. In TCS. Here, I want to share my first… Read More
Online Round 1. Convert Binary tree to linked list. 2. Rotate a matrix by 90 degree. There were 2 more questions. But I forgot what… Read More
A uni-processor computer system only has two processes, both of which alternate 10ms CPU bursts with 90ms I/O bursts. Both the processes were created at… Read More
  Given an array and a number k where k is smaller than size of array, we need to find the k’th smallest element in… Read More
Let S be a stack of size n ≥ 1. Starting with the empty stack, suppose we push the first n natural numbers in sequence,… Read More
The literal count of a boolean expression is the sum of the number of times each literal appears in the expression. For example, the literal… Read More