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  • Last Updated : 24 Dec, 2019
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Round 1: Coding.

Three questions and round was held on codechef.

1)  Area-wise largest sub-matrix of a given integer matrix which is column-wise and row-wise sorted. Can be converted to histogram problem.

2) One question on BFS.

3) One more question on Dynamic-programming

Round 2: Interview

One question on DP and 1hr to solve it.

A chocolate bar was given. It was a grid of X*Y.  One more array of pair was given. The task was to take a pair from the list. Eat that much chocolate from there corner. Then the L shaped chocolate-bar left was to be broken into two rectangular pieces chocolate pieces. The above process was then to repeat till any pair can’t the bar. If so, that piece of chocolate gets wasted. The task was to minimise chocolate wastage.

Round 3: Interview

Basic OOp, DBMS and one more puzzle like question.

PS: Got the offer. Interview was really nice and felt more like a discussion.

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