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  • Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2021
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I recently interviewed at for the role of Associate Web Application Developer. Since it was an off-campus process,

the entire process went through online. Initially, my resume got shortlisted for this role and here is my experience

Round 1(Online MCQ Round on InterviewBit): This round was an online Assessment on Interviewbit Platform for 1 hr and total no of MCQ questions was 50. 

  • Questions were from Aptitude, DS and Algo, Time Complexity of recurrence relations, CN, OS, DBMS. 
  • I was able to solve nearly 40 questions correctly.

Round 2(1st Technical Interview on Google Meet for 1:15 minutes): Common Question in any interview “Tell me about a bit about yourself “

  1. Given N we need to find how many numbers from 1 to n which has count of set bits to be 1.

    Ex: Assume N=5

    Then 1, 2, 4 Consist of only 1 set bit in its binary representation. So the answer will be 3.

  2. Finding middle element of a Single Linked List.
  3. Given a String we need to print each word in a string in Vertical Fashion.
    Ex: String="THIS IS A STRING"
    Answer: T    I    A  S
            H    S       T
            I            R
            S            I

Later we had some discussion on the projects and Tech Stack which I used. Some discussion on the Internship Experience. 

  1. What is the difference between Cookies and Session?
  2. Since I mentioned ReactJs in my resume I was asked questions on Hooks, UseState and UseEffect, Props.
  3. Difference between Stack and Queue and their applications.
  4. Difference between Mutex and Semaphore
  5. Process V/s Threads. What is Multithreading?

Round 3(2nd Technical Interview on Google Meet for 1hr):

  1. Given the rank of an array and N find the original array from the rank array.

    Rank Array consists of a count of elements that are greater than its previous elements

    Ex : Assume N=3 
    Rank Array= [ 0 ,1 ,1] Original array = [ 1,3,2 ]
    Rank Array=[ 0,0,1]    Original Array = [3,1,2 ]
    For N=4 
    Rank Array =[ 0,0,1,3] Original Array=[ 3,1,2,4]

    Hint: Find the pattern between Rank array and original Array. For example last element of Rank array and Original array differ by one.

Final: Later HR Called me Regarding my Selection and discussed about the CTC which they are going to offer me and Location. 


  1. Go well through all the projects that you have mentioned in the resume.
  2. Revise all the theory subjects thoroughly.
  3. Interviewers are very nice. They will guide you towards the solution. So ask for hints wherever you get stuck. Clarify the problem statement and constraints well. Interviewer may not tell them implicitly and expects you to ask them.

Verdict: Selected

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