McAfee Interview Experience | Set 3

*It will be a pen and paper based test which is conducted by well known aptitude platform eLitmus.
*The test is conducted for 3 continuous hours and the level of questions are really high.
*After this test, there will be a technical test which has following sections
>C, C++, Java
>Database, Operating System, Computer Networks etc

*Round 1:
>The interviewer was an PhD student.
>At the starting he asked me to introduce myself.
>Then he asked me what is your strength.
>Then he went through my academics and asked me what is that you are lagging so that you can cross the 90 % mark(I was above 75% throughout).
>Then he asked me some basic questions from the core subjects.
>Then he asked me my favorite language
>Then he asked me how garbage collection is done in java.
>Then he asked me a basic aptitude question
>After that he asked me to create a linked list data structure in java.

*Round 2:
>It was a GD round based on demonetization and crypto currencies.
>It was not an elimination round.

*Round 3:
>Introduce yourself
>Projects in detail
>Create a team of players with highest scores.Rule is that if one is selected, its adjacent are out of the pool.
>Design an OSI stack in such a way that you can find the maximum distance node in a LAN.
>Design a data structure such that fetching and update of the class variables is fast.

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