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McAfee Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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McAfee came to our college for campus recruitment. The first round was a 2 hour long MCQ pen and paper test. The test was conducted by the e-litmus organization. There were three sections- Aptitude, Problem Solving and Verbal. Aptitude and problem solving section were of Medium difficulty, few of them were Hard too. Verbal section was easy.

After this, in same round there was Technical round (45 Minutes) which was basically from McAfee. MCQ on C/C++, JAVA, DS, DBMS, Basics of computer Fundamental were asked. If your concepts are good then you’ll find it very easy.

24 students were shortlisted for technical interviews.

1st Round (Group Discussion)
15 minute GD was there on given topic. They did not eliminated any one from this round but they were looking at response of members and were making note of something.

2nd Round (Technical)
1. Tell me about Yourself
2. Discussion on Project.
3. Then he asked me –
“You have to implement a phone directory in which there are 3 fields – Name, Mobile Number, Landline number.
Suppose i enter anything (name or number) then all information of person should be printed. You have to implement it for lot of people, assume for a country. How will you implement it?
Which data structures are you going to use?”
Then i gave him the solution and he was satisfied.
4. Puzzle
5. Have you given Paper Presentation if yes then explain the topic.
6. Asked my favorite subject (But asked no quesion on that)
7. Which constraints you can apply in attribute of a table.

12 students were shortlisted for next round (based on Performance in GD + Tech round 1)

3rd Round (Technical) : (2 interviewers were taking this round together)
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. Again discussion on project.
3. What is Diamond Problem? How can we handle this problem? Explain with example.
4. Puzzle
5. Inplace rotate square matrix by 90 degrees :

HR Round
1. Tell me About Yourself
2. There is a team given to you in which
person1 : Don’t know Anything (Testing)
person2 : Don’t like to work (Manager)
person3 : Loves to work (Developer)
person4 : have attitude problem (Debugging)
Now you have to assign Developer, Testing, Debugging, Manager positions to each of the member. how will you assign?
I gave the answer as written above. And she was satisfied by my explanation.
3. What should i know about you? (means what 3rd person will say about you? )

6 students were offered Full Time and luckily i was one of them.

Advice :
1. Be confident in whatever you say.
2. Don’t lose hope until you are rejected.

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Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2018
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