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McAfee Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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McAfee came to our college for campus recruitment. The first round was a 3 hour long MCQ pen and paper test. The test was conducted by the e-litmus organization. There were three sections- Aptitude, Verbal and Technical. Aptitude questions were lengthy and few of them were tough, many involved lots of calculations. Verbal was decent. Technical was general and easy questions testing your basic knowledge on data structures, algorithms, OS, DBMS etc.
30 students were shortlisted for technical interviews.

Round 1 (30-45 mins)
He asked me to introduce myself and started with some basic questions on data structures, which I answered. Questions were not direct, he was trying to understand my way of approaching the problems, he gave me hints if I am stuck somewhere. He asked me general questions about sorting algorithms, which ones are better for which application. He asked me questions from OS like – if I have to write into 70 files at once, will I use threads or process, I told him threads, then he asked me what if the process creating the threads fails, then I told him based on application at hand, if reliability is our concern we need processes, if speed and resources like memory and CPU are our concern then we need to go with threads. He asked me about encryption and decryption algorithms. I explained him basic working procedure of RSA.
It’s very important to be confident in whatever you are saying. The interviewer was continuously noting down something on his laptop during the entire round and he asked me not to get disturbed by it. I felt interview was okay, but I was not very sure if I would go through.
12 people were shortlisted out of 30 for the next round.

Round 2 (30 mins)
I think interviewer had all the notes from the previous rounds and he started with puzzles like finding the next number in the series, it was not very tough, it was not straight-forward either. The series was about every third number in the series, I answered and he didn’t tell me if it was right or wrong. Then he started with basic DBMS queries and once I answered them, he asked me some complex ones involving GROUP BY, HAVING, etc. I had used similar queries during my summer internship, So I was able to answer them, he asked to come up with a different query even though what I wrote was correct, I tried but I couldn’t, he said it’s okay. He asked me more puzzles like what is similar between wood and alcohol, I thought it for some time and I told him both have two o’s in them, he asked me to think of something else I couldn’t come up with anything.
The second round was better than first, the interviewer was pretty happy with my answers. He asked me if I have any questions, I asked him about the company, what will be working on etc..

Round 3 (10 mins)
There were no questions here, HR called 4 of us in and told us they will be offering us full-time. She asked us how was our day, how were the panel, any other doubts, whether we will be available for the internship for January.
Four students were offered full time and four were offered internship.

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Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2017
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