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Maximizing Productivity with Google Workspace

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When starting a business, selecting the right email and office software to power your operations is crucial. Choosing the right software for your company can be a real challenge with so many choices out there. But don’t be afraid! If you’re looking for an affordable and powerful productivity suite that will allow your team to collaborate with extreme efficiency, Google Workspace could be just what you’re looking for. It is a top competitor with a wide range of features to meet your needs and help your business run smoothly. This powerful software solution comes with an array of features that cater to organizations of all sizes, whether remote or in-office.


What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is Google’s intelligent, professional app suite. This was previously known as G Suite until it was renamed in late 2019. Google Workspace provides a collection of business applications designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity, within organizations of all sizes. The suite includes applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Forms, and Google Sites. You can find more details here on all the applications that are included in each Google Workspace Business plan.


Importance and benefits of adopting Google Workspace

Adopting Google Workspace offers several benefits for individuals and businesses.

  • Firstly, it provides a business with a professional email address that matches its domain ( which helps build credibility and trust with customers, and establish a strong brand.
  • It provides a centralized and integrated platform for communication, collaboration, and document management, allowing teams to work more efficiently.
  • It enables real-time editing and seamless sharing of files and documents from any device, enhancing teamwork and productivity.
  • Google Workspace is cloud-based software that ensures easy access to data and applications from any device with an internet connection.
  • Its cloud-based software gives an edge for remote work and enables teams to work together irrespective of physical location or device.It even enables offline work which automatically syncs when the device is back online.

Additionally, Google Workspace offers robust security features, data privacy controls, and regular updates, ensuring the safety and integrity of user data. Lastly, it provides cost savings by eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure and software licenses, as well as offering scalable pricing plans suitable for different organizational needs.

Here are some key features of Google Workspace that make it a great choice:

Admin Console:

This is a one-stop shop for managing your Google Workspace account. You can use the Admin Console to add or remove users and groups, control devices and apps, set up security policies and permissions, and more. For example, you can enable two-step verification to protect your data from unauthorized access or block untrusted apps from accessing your account. The Admin Console also provides you with useful insights and reports on your usage and activity.

Shared Mailbox:

A shared mailbox is an email inbox that multiple people can access and manage. It is ideal for common email addresses like or With a shared mailbox, you can avoid duplication of work, improve communication, increase visibility, and work across different time zones. You can also assign tasks, track progress, and follow up on emails with ease.

Customized Business Email:

Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world. With Google Workspace, you can enjoy the same features and functionality of Gmail, but with your own domain name. For example, you can have This can enhance your professionalism and brand awareness, especially if you are a start-up or a small business. Plus, you can access your work email from any device, anywhere.

Collaboration Tools:

Google Workspace provides you with a suite of apps that make collaboration simple and seamless. You can use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online. You can also share files with others and edit them together in real time from different devices. You can see the changes as they happen, add comments and suggestions, and tag people for feedback. Moreover, you can use Google Meet and Chat to have video meetings and conversations with your team or clients directly from a presentation or document.

Work Insights:

This is a feature that helps you monitor and improve the adoption, collaboration, and productivity of your Google Workspace account. You can use Work Insights to see how your team is using Google Workspace apps, how they are collaborating with each other and with external partners, and how they are spending their time. You can also identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, and take action accordingly.

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Plans and Pricing:

Google Workspace offers a range of plans designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Each plan comes with its own set of features and pricing options. To help you choose the right plan for your organization, here is an overview of pricing and key features:


Price per user per month


Business Starter

Starter: ₹136.90

  • Custom and secure business email
  • 100-participant video meetings
  • 30 GB storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard support

Business Standard

Standard: ₹736

  • Custom and secure business email
  • 150-participant video meetings + Recording
  • 2 TB storage per user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard support (paid upgrade to enhanced support)

Business Plus

Plus: ₹1380

  • Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention
  • 500-participant video meetings + Recording
  • Attendance tracking
  • 5 TB storage per user
  • Enhanced security and management controls
  • Standard support (paid upgrade to enhanced support)


Contact sales for pricing

  • Custom and secure business email + eDiscovery, retention
  • S/MIME encryption
  • 500-participant video meetings + Recording
  • Attendance tracking
  • Noise cancellation
  • In-domain live streaming
  • As much storage as you need
  • Advanced security, management, and compliance controls
  • Enhanced support (paid upgrade to premium support)

If you are looking for a software solution that can help you and your team work smarter and faster, you should consider Google Workspace. It offers a range of apps and features that enable you to communicate, collaborate, and create online. You can customize your email address, manage your shared mailbox, and use the Admin Console to control your account. You can also enjoy the benefits of cloud computing, such as easy access, security, and scalability. This suite is designed to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. It could be the perfect choice for you.

If you have better suggestions about the products/services/tools/brands listed above or feel like something missing, please Contact Us and share your suggestions.

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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