MATLAB | Convert a video to fast mode

MATLAB also called Matrix Laboratory is a numerical computing environment and a platform for programming language. it was designed and developed by MathWorks. MATLAB is a framework that allows you to perform matrix manipulations, implementing algorithms, plotting functions and data, creating user-interfaces and interfacing with programs that are written in different programming languages i.e. C, C++, python, java etc.

A video is a set of images known as frames. It contains four dimensions i.e. 1st dimension is for the rows, the 2nd one is for the columns, 3rd is for the RGB channel representation and the other dimension also gets added called time or frame number.

Frame rate is defined as the number of frames per second or fps. It is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames to appear on a display.

To convert a video in fast mode we have the increase framerate of the video.


  • Load the video into a variable obj by using VideoReader()
  • Use a new variable obj2 to create a new copy of this video which is appearing in fast mode by using
  • increase the framerate of the video.
  • open obj2.
  • read all the frames one by one from obj and store them into a variable k.
  • Write all the frames in obj2 using writeVideo()
  • Close obj2.

To get the link to the input video, click here.

Below is the implementation :





% MATLAB program to convert a video to fast mode
clc;clear;close all;
% load the video.
% Write in new variable
obj2= VideoWriter('xyz.avi'); 
% increase framerate    
obj2.FrameRate = 60;             
% for reading frames one by one
while hasFrame(obj)              
    k = readFrame(obj); 
    % write the frames in obj2.         




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