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MathWorks (EDG) Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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MathWorks visited our campus in July 2022 for FTE, Engineer or Associate in Engineering Development Group (EDG) role.

Round 1 – Online Coding Round (Duration: 90 mins): There were a total of 44 questions. 6 sections were on MCQs and 1 section was related to coding.

  • Section 1 – Mathematics
  • Section 2 – Programming Concepts
    The next 3 sections are C, C++, and Java out of which 2 must be attempted.
    Coding section – questions were related to prefix sum, sorting, and bit manipulation.

The last section was a bonus section related to Python. 22 students were shortlisted in this round.

Round 2 – Group Discussion (Duration: 20 mins): This round was followed by the PPT (Pre-Placement Talk) of the company. The topic was the understanding of the role of EDG – Engineering Developer Group. There were 5-6 applicants in each group. Each of us has proposed our opinions and discussed them.

11 students were shortlisted in this round, and the order of the following rounds differed from person to person.

Round 3 – HR Interview (Duration: 30 mins): After my introduction, I was asked what I understood about MathWorks & the role of the PPT. Then, the following questions were asked,

  • Location preference and the reason behind it.
  • About my internship experience at Arista Networks.
  • Explain any of my projects.
  • Explain a situation where I had a conflict with my team members & how I would handle such conflicts in general.
  • A situation where I had a negative review.
  • How would I handle a situation where there is a lot of work to be done in less time?
  • Anything I wanted to improve upon.
  • Then, we discussed the importance of multi-tasking at work.
  • Finally, I was asked if I had any questions for him.

Round 4 – Technical Interview (Duration: 60 mins): After my introduction, I was given a HackerRank CodePair link to write code. I was asked to give a review of the coding round.

  • The first question was House Robber 2Solution. The interviewer asked me to explain the approach step by step and then code it. I was asked questions about the different aspects of my code like the precedence of operators, etc. The interviewer gave some test cases to verify my solution’s output. Then, I was asked how I would debug if I faced any errors.
  • I was asked to implement a data structure(pseudo-code) using classes that store a vehicle and certain parameters and find the nearest two vehicles from a given test vehicle. I have used 2 classes to implement it. I was told to make any assumptions if required. The interviewer modified the question and asked about the consequences & reasons of some situations related to const, inheritance, constructor, access specifier, the parameters used in data members of classes, etc.
  • I was asked to implement DFS on an array in python (even though my preferred language was C++), to return the sum of its elements. The interviewer then modified the question by adding additional constraints like alternative sum, etc.
  • I was asked about some OS topics like racing conditions, virtual memory, paging, deadlock, prevention of deadlock, semaphores, etc. I was asked if I had experience in using industry-level C++.
  • Finally, I was asked if I had any questions for him.

Round 5 – Managerial Interview (Duration: 30 mins): The interviewer made me comfortable, and we introduced ourselves. I was asked what I understood about MathWorks & the role of the PPT. The following questions were asked,

  • My primary strengths.
  • Explain any of my favorite projects.
  • Explain any difficult situation faced in the past.
  • Experience of internship & what aspects I like in the mentoring that I have received during the internship.
  • Any team project experience & any conflicts in the team and how I have resolved them.
  • My favorite coding language & how was my journey learning it?
  • An initiative I took, which I am proud of.
  • The best compliment received from any professor or colleague.
  • “What are you, in others’ point of view?”
  • A situation where I had organized an event.
  • I was asked to explain the Google Hash Code experience which I had mentioned in my resume.
  • I was asked about the location preference.
  • Finally, I was asked if I had any questions for her.
  • I was lucky enough to be the only selection from our college.


  • Keep communication clear, and make sure the interviewer understands your thinking process.
  • Be prepared with everything you mention on your CV and do not mention things on your CV if you are not confident with it, especially projects and skills.
  • Keep calm, remain confident, and be honest. Don’t get tense if you cannot answer any questions. 
  • The interviewer always helps you by giving hints. Keep working hard with a positive attitude.
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Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2022
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