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MathF.Truncate() Method in C# with Examples
  • Last Updated : 04 Apr, 2019

In C#, MathF.Truncate(Single) is a MathF class method which is used to compute an integral part of a specified single number or single-precision floating-point number.


public static float Truncate (float x);


x: It is the specified number which is to be truncated and type of this parameter is System.Single.

Return Type: This method only return the integral part of x and discard the fractional part. The type of this method is System.Single.


// C# Program to illustrate the
// MathF.Truncate(Single) Method
using System;
class Geeks {
    // Main Method
    public static void Main()
        // varibles of float type
        float x1 = 7845.56478452f;
        float x2 = 12548.3242f;
        // using method and displaying result
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