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Mastercard Interview Experience for Software Development | NIT-Surat

  • Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2020

Below is my interview experience with Mastercard India as a software development intern.

First Round: First, there was an online round on TechGig Platform where they asked 3 simple coding questions about DP, Maths, and string. One question was related to gcd and lcm of numbers. The second was related to string manipulation and implementation. And the Dp question was the basic DP. In this round the selected 20 candidates.

Second Round: This was only a single round. But it was combined of Technical as well as HR round. There were three panels during the interview and the interview was around 45 min.

For the technical part, the questions were asked like 

  1. The complexity of various searching and sorting algorithms.

  2. Which one is better Quicksort or Merge sort.

  3. Then one puzzle was asked. It was an easy one. We had to arrange numbers on the circumference of the circle and center such that the sum is the same along all the diameter.

  4. Then Some DBMS questions were asked by another panel. Few questions which I remembered are 

    • Acid properties
    • A few situations based on Database designing. c)cardinality ratio. 
  5. After that Other panel asked a few questions from my resume. Like my Past work experience, my role at the organization I have mentioned in my resume(ACM NITSURAT). Then the most important part…PROJECTS.

Projects can land you with the offer easily if the quality and technology stack used is good. Try to make your interview revolve around the projects which you have done.

Then finally Hr Panel asked me some questions regarding my interest in various fields like AI ML.

Around 12 students were selected, and I was one of them XD…….

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