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Maruti Suzuki Interview Experience | Set 1 (IT division)
  • Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2017

Round 1

Multiple choice test in amcat website. It consisted of  4 sections: Aptitude,Logical reasoning, Computer Science skills and personality round.

Round 2: Presentation round

I had to give a presentation to a panel of 4 members (3  from IT division and 1 from HR) why I want to work in IT division, What I expect from the company and how I am different from others. The duration was about 10 minutes.

Round 3:

It was a panel Interview consisting of 4 interviewers(3 IT and 1 HR). It was mix of technical and HR questions. The 3 interviewers from IT division asked technical questions and the HR asked  some standard HR interview questions.

Technical questions were from Data security, Computer Architecture and DBMS(Normalization,some queries).

Discussion on my projects.

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