MAQ Software (On campus for full time software engineer)

MAQ Software visited our campus on 11th sept 18′ for the post of software engineer full time.

Round 1:

(Online test)

First was 30 min aptitude test in which you need to be fast, as the questions require many calculations and there are many questions.

The next part is the 2 hrs. coding round consisting of 4 questions, on their own compiler (which is faulty). Here you cannot move to next question before the previous questions and cannot change the answer once submitted. The questions here are different for all candidates. Some of questions asked to me and other candidates include –

# Print the nearest prime no. to a given number.

# Find the hcf and lcm of given 2 nos.

# Code to capitalize the first letter of each word in the given sentence

# Stock market question where you can buy and sell many no of times

# Given a no. rearrange its digits to find out maximum possible nos. formed which are divisible by 8


After this round shortlisted students had their Skype interviews.

Both the interviews were Skype interviews.

Round 2:

(Technical Interview)

# Tell me something about yourself

# Explain the Database implementation of your project

# What is the difference between DLL and DML

# Explain join queries

# Explain groupBy and having clause

# SQL query to display the count of the employee departmentwise

Round 3:

(Technical Interview)

# Explain your projects

Then he gave me 2 questions and asked me to write a code for any one of the questions

# Print the sum of series

1 + (1*2) + (2*3*4) + (3*4*5*6) + ……

# Write SQL Query for displaying the count of people state wise between the age of 40 to 60

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