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MAQ Software Interview Experience

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019
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30 Multiple Choice Questions ranging from quantitative aptitude and puzzles has to be done in 30 minutes, 25% negative marking was there.

Algorithm round

There were 2 questions, for 1st question we have to write the working code and for 2nd question we can write algorithm

(i)Print matrix in spiral form

(ii)Snake and Ladder problem
Coding round 1

There was 15 minute coding round

Find first non-repeatable character from an array.

Technical round 1

Tell me about yourself, then they asked me to explain the code i have write in coding round, snake ladder algorithm, give a program to write (sum of factorial series of n terms) and then asked me to optimise that code and about my projects.

Coding round 2

Again 15 minute coding round

Sort a matrix such that rows in ascending order and columns should be in descending order.

Technical round 2

Start from project, asked about the role in project, i handle database so he asked SQL queries. Also asked puzzle (from two dice make calendar), virtual function, function overloading, function overriding, program to find nth prime number and then optimise the code.

Communication test

There were two questions we have to write in 15 minutes.

(i)Why do want to join MAQ Softwares?

(ii)What skills or background makes you suitable for this job?

HR Interview

Tell me about yourself, family background, questions from what i have written in Communication test.


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