MAQ Software Interview Experience | Set 7

Round 1: written
Apti, C, C++, OS, DS

Round 2: coding 2 questions, 30 mins
1. Serialize and deserialize a given n-ary tree.
     Ans: solved by storing preorder travesal and marker in a file.
2. Snake and ladder problem
     Ans: breadth first search on graph using queue.

Round 3: Skype
1. Resume, projects, OS, SQL, DS and OOP concepts.
2. Asked to find fibonacci series in O(log n) method.
     Ans: use matrix method
3. Add two nos without + operator.
     Ans. used half adder method

Round 4: skype
1. Resume, projects, OS, SQL, DS and OOP concepts.
2. Puzzles: 2 eggs puzzle, 20 horses race puzzle(give the data-structure too).

Round 5: Skype Rech + HR
Gave his own coding pad
1. Rotate array around pivot.
2. Given a BST and a number.Find the no, in BST closest to the given no.

Tell about urself, why MAQ, plan for higher studies etc.

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