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MAQ Software Interview Experience | Set 5

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019

1st round – 30 min,30 MCQs (IQ test)

2nd round – Coding test(30 min)
Q1-> Insertion sort
Q2-> Reverse a number using recursion
Q3-> Didn’t remember

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3rd round-1 hour
Q1->Some questions from resume
Q2->print x to y using recursion.
Q3->Check whether a given BT is BST or not?
Q4->Code for merge sort of a singly link list.
Q6->Discussion on Encapsulation, Virtual functions.
Q7->Questions on normalization.
Q8->Order of execution for sample queries.
Q9->Given two candles. Each can burn for 60 minutes.Both candles can burn from both sides.
How will you measure 45 minutes?

4th round-
45 minutes
Q1->Deep discussion on resume.
Q2->A trick question on mysql queries.
Q3->Given 2 jars, 4 red balls and 4 blue balls. You can put any number of balls in any jar.
You have two select one ball out of any jar. How will you make sure that probability of getting
a red ball is maximum?
Q4->Why MAQ?

5th round-30 minutes-manager round
Q1->solve 1+2X3+3X4X5+4X5X6X7…..using recursion for an input ‘n’.
Q3->Questions on resume.

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