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MAQ Software Interview Experience | Set 2

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2019
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1) Written Test: 30 ques in 30 mins consisting of simple quantitative aptitude, 2-3 puzzles.

2) Algorithm Round: 2 question, either write the code or pseudo code
a) Write a code to print a matrix spirally
b) Write an algorithm for snake and ladder problem

3) Technical Round 1:
15 mins coding test: write a working code to print first non repetitive character in a a string.
explain the code, optimize it. General questions on dbms like transactions, 3-4 simple sql queries, 2 puzzles, basic oops concepts like inheritance, polymorphism.
Few simple codes were asked like factorial of a number with and without recursion

4) Technical Round 2:
15 mins coding test: working code to sort a matrix, so that the rows are sorted in ascending order and columns are sorted in descending order.
I was asked to optimize the code. question on data structure like find the common ancestor of given two nodes of a BST both with and without recursion, finding loop in a linked list, finding middle element in a linked list, whether a linked list is circular or not, Y node problem in a linked list, 1 question based on clock, 2 eggs puzzle
I was asked to explain the components of my project in detail

5) Communication Test (15 mins)
q1) Why do you want to join MAQ
q2) What skills of yours makes u sutaible for this job

6) HR Round
Tell me about your self, your family background
Tell me something which is not mentioned in your resume
What you found most interesting about the company
What type of work you want to do at company
Any experiments you have done in your life

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