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MAQ Software Interview Experience | Set 16 (On-Campus FTE+Internship)

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MAQ Software Interview Experience (On-Campus FTE+Internship)

There were four rounds.
Round 1:
This round was an offline written round.It consisted of 30 aptitiude questions and the given time was 30 mins.

There was negative marking for wrong answers.

Round 2:
This round was an offline coding round. It consisted of two questions.Time alloted was 30 mins.

Q1. Print matrix in a spiral order.

Q2. Snake-Ladder problem.

One could write pseudo code/algorithm/full code.

Around 18 people were selected for the interview rounds based on the previous two rounds(but the weightage of the first round was more).

There were total 2 interview/technical rounds.

Technical interview round 1:(40 mins)

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. About the family background.
3. Rate yourself in data structures(array,string,binary tree,BST etc).
4. What is indexing in DBMS? Types of indexing? How you can implement indexing using B-tree and B+ tree? Lot of discussion on B-tree and B+ tree-insertion and deletion.
5. What is BST? Give a real-life example.
6. What are the types of link list? How to detect and remove a loop in link list?
7. Lot of questions was asked based on my projects( Machine Learning and neural network).
8. Given a range, count the no of times the 7th digit will occur. Implement in both recursive and iterative form.
Eg: if range is 1-20, count=2
9. Reverse a string in one pass.
Eg: if input string is “my name is mohan”
output is : “mohan is name my”.

There were some HR questions like:
1. What is your future goal.
2. Preferred location(Mumbai/Hyderbad).
3. Questions related to team management.

7 students were selected for 2nd technical round.

Technical interview round 2:(1 hr)

1. Wap to print all permutations of a given string
eg. Input string is “ABC”
output will be:
Permutations of a given string

2. Serialize and Deserialize a Binary Tree

Write the full code with all base cases.
3. Apple puzzle.
4. How many squares in a chessboard.

Total 4 students were selected from our campus.

I thank GeeksforGeeks as it helped me a lot to prepare for interviews.

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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