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MAQ Software Interview Experience for Internship

Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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Round 1-general IQ problem like 25 horse races,speed time etc ,30(or 20) ques in 30 mins with negative marking

4 coding question which you cannot visit again and no of compiles were counted  

1) Easy one I forgot what it was

2) Chocolate distribution problem (distribute minimum no of chocolates to cousins where if neighbor cousin is old ,he must get more chocolates,if same age than same no of chocolates). Remember age of cousins were given in string you have to convert it into array.

3) Convert a given number to hexadecimal(i.e base 16)

4) Given number<500 find the smallest number comprising only of digits 0,9 and divisible by number

From around 30 students 5 got shortlisted, and I was there

Round 2(tech+hr)- He first asked about me,than came to find nearest number to a given number which is prime, then he asked about my project whether they were team based or solo,and difficulty i faced . Then they asked me which sports I like . Then about indexing and finally a query to count total no of products which have discount greater than 20%.I wrote “Select count(discount) from orders where discount >=20;” .I don’t know if it was wrong, but he said do we write “count(discount)”?.I got confused and changed to count(*) ,he asked me what “*” means ,i told him and at last he asked me any other thing I am working on,I told him I am working on WSN this semester.Finally he told me to ask something to him .of course i asked his experience and what I have to do in company and finally i asked which languages in used in MAQ. He said jnodes, html,etc and told me c is now rarely used in comapanies.Interview was  over in 19 mins

Finally, 3 students(including me) were accepted for 2 months internship while FTE interviews were 2 round and 1st round about 1 hour

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