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MAQ Software Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer Internship + FTE 2022

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Round 1(Written Test): Students were shortlisted on the basis of written tests that consists of

Section 1(30 Aptitude Question-30 minutes): Topics:- Profit& Loss, Ratios, Probability, and Basic Maths, etc.

Section 2(4 programming question-60 minutes):- The level of the questions were between easy and medium and could be solved within 40-50 minutes! I was able to solve all the four


Out of 20 students 6 were selected for the interview round!

Round 2(Technical Interview – 40 min): I was asked to introduce myself!

I was able to solve the questions and the interviewer was convinced!
Out of 6  four of them qualified to the next round and i was one of them!

Round 3(Technical + HR – 50 minute): The panel had two interviewer and one of them focused on HR and other one on Technical

Then it was shifted to DBMS and SQL

  1. Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE
  3. SQL table and was asked to write query
  4. Given three SQL query and was asked to predict the output{those were between medium and hard}. Nextly he looked at my resume and said you look proficient in html and asked question related to that!
  5. Construct a table without using tb and tr![write while sharing screen]
  6. What is polymorphism?Different types of polymorphism?Have you used polymorphism in projects!
  7. DIfferent types of constructors
  8. He asked just one coding question at the end and that was basic related to strings!reverse the string without using reverse keyword!

Overall the Tech interview was really difficult. He cross-questioned a lot and I was grilled!

Now the HR interviewer started asking me!

  1. Where do you see yourself in 2 and 5 years??
  2. If you have a deadline and you have a bug in your code will you give the code to the person or will you ask for another deadline? Doing the first many things are at stake  and choosing the second he may not know now but further he may know about it!
  3. What have you learnt apart from College syllabus?
  4. Strengths and Weakness?
  5. How would you contribute to the company?

He asked about work locations and timings.

Overall the HR interview was great but the technical wasn’t! So after an hour we had our result and 2 of them qualified and i failed to qualify!All the best to everyone attempting interview! Prepare DBMS nicely!

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Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2021
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