MAQ Software Interview Experience (Campus Placement 2019)

MAQ Softwares want engineers who are active competetive coders, and a good coding experience.

Round 1:

This was a online round and consist 30 MCQ’S questions related to quantitative aptitude and reasoning. Its was easy for an engineer to solve it.

And had 4 coding questions.

Coding questions was very simple like :- Find the Nth term of Fibonacci series or math questions.

You need to solve all coding question’s if you want  to get select to for next round.

Round 2: 

This was a Skype Round/Technical Round.

Interviewer was helpful, asked logical questions.

One of the problem was asked solution for infinite eggs and then for 2 eggs.

He asked about data structure/algorithm problems and OOP concepts.

Interviewer also asked to code for printing all combinations and permutation for n lights (on/off).

Round 3:

This was in our Campus.

Interviewer asked to design use cases, problems, ways used to design ATM machine.Interviewer also asked about my projects, also talked about the company work/life balance.(You must have seen glassdoor reviews 🙂 )

Round 4:

Interviewer asked 1 logical question and 1 coding question.

After this round he told me you are selected and we will reach to you for further steps and also gave me two books written by MAQ founder Rajeev Agarwal.

Book 1 – What I did not learn in IIT.

Book 2- What I did not learn in B-School.

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