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MAQ Software Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021

Job Description: SE1

Round 1: There was a coding question that I have to solve on The first question was that 

Given a string with its length appended at last return the string without its length.

Testcase:  hello world 12315

Output: hello world 123

Then the interviewer asked about ACID properties and the difference between alter and update. At last, there were questions about some of the OOP concepts and details about my project. The interview lasted for around 30 minutes.

Round 2: There were two coding questions :

1) Check If two strings are anagram.


A SQL query to display the total salary of employees in each department having a salary less than 5000 and their name starts with ‘A’.

Then the interviewer asked about my Project and asked If I have done any internships.

Result: Not Selected

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