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MAQ Software Internship Interview Experience

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Screening round: This round includes 30 aptitude questions followed by 4 coding questions. The time duration for 30 aptitude questions was 30 minutes( you have to be fast). One mark for the correct answer and -0.25 for incorrect answer.

Aptitude round was followed by 4 easy coding questions:

  4. Given a string containing ‘0’, ‘1’ and a placeholder ‘?’. Count the number of strings we can generate by replacing ‘?’ by either ‘0’ or ‘1. For example for a string ‘100101?00’, a total of 2 strings can be constructed by replacing ‘?’ by ‘0’ and ‘1’.

Technical Round one:  This was the most interesting round in the whole process. I received a mail with a link to Microsoft Teams. He started by asking about my background. After a good conversation, he gave me a layout of a simple web page. I was expected to write HTML/CSS  code on for that layout. It took me almost 10 – 15 minutes to write that code. He asked me about CSS specificity, rules etc.

He was satisfied by that code. After this, he asked me about my previous internship experience and projects. Make sure you go prepared for this part. Revise your approach and challenges you faced while creating your projects. He was satisfied with my projects.

Then he gave me a simple question and ask me to write its optimised solution on

Question: Given a string of lowercase alphabets, print the length of the longest palindromic subsequence that can be formed using the characters of the original string. Order of arrangement is not important. For example for string ‘bcbdcddcdac’, we can construct a palindromic string as ‘cdcbdadbcdc’.

Round Two: This time the interviewer was a project manager from MAQ Software. In this round, he only asked 2 coding questions and one logical reasoning question.  

  1. Given a paragraph, split that paragraph into an array of words, and print them in lexicographically descending order along with the frequencies. He was more focused on an optimised solution.
  2. A simple logical reasoning question, explain the conversion of  MAQ=>ZBH and CAT=>FBN.
  3. Given an array of integers, return the count of distinct pair whose sum is greater than 0. He asked for an optimised solution.

I explained the answers to these questions confidently. He seems to be satisfied with my solutions.

This was the complete process of MAQ Software internship interview.

Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021
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