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MAQ Interview Experience for Software Engineer 1 FTE 2022

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  • Last Updated : 18 Feb, 2022
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Job Description:

  • Job Title – Software Engineer 1
  • Job Location– Hyderabad / Mumbai

Hiring Process: Total of 4 Rounds

  • Written Test (Aptitude + Programming Questions)
  • 1st Technical Round
  • 2nd Technical Round
  • HM Round

Written Test: This test consisted of 2 sections, where 1st section consisted of 30 aptitude questions and 2nd section consisted of 4 programming questions. Aptitude questions were very basic and from the topics such as Ratio & Proportions, Probability, Algebra, Logarithms, etc. Programming questions were easy too, like writing a program for reversing an entire string, sorting and reversing a binary string.

1st Technical Round: Discussions around my B. Tech journey & Projects happened. After that, I was asked some OOPS questions such as what is Polymorphism? What is the difference between Polymorphism and Abstraction?  I was asked to discuss the algorithm behind detecting a loop in a linked list? After that few basic SQL questions were asked and I was asked to write SQL queries. 

2nd Technical Round: I was asked various basic questions from SQL, OOPS, OS, and CN like What are DDL, DML, and DCL. What is Normalization? Various types of Normalization? What is a Bankers Algorithm?

HM Round: This was a rigorous and grilling round. The focus of the interviewer was to check my thinking process and the way I approach various questions. I was asked about the ey differences between polymorphism and abstraction and their use cases of them. I was asked about amortized time complexity for the insertion of various items. My SQL proficiency was checked to make me write various SQL queries. Various variations of this problem –  were discussed. Time Complexity of Insertion sort in Best, Worst, Average Case was asked.

In my case, all 3 interviews happened on the same day with half an hour gap in between, so the rounds started at noon and ended at 5 PM.

Pro Tip: Prepare for SQL and DBMS well. Proficiency in SQL is a must for clearing all the rounds. SQL is the only constant being heavily asked in all of the rounds. I was told about this by my 1st technical interviewer too. (MAQ Software enables leading companies to accelerate BI & analytics initiatives)

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