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Map function and Dictionary in Python to sum ASCII values

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We are given a sentence of english language(can also contain digits), we need to compute and print the sum of ASCII values of characters of each word in that sentence.


Input :  GeeksforGeeks, a computer science portal
         for geeks
Output : Sentence representation as sum of ASCII 
         each character in a word:
         1361 97 879 730 658 327 527 
         Total sum -> 4579
Here, [GeeksforGeeks, ] -> 1361, [a] -> 97, [computer] 
-> 879, [science] -> 730 [portal] -> 658, [for] 
-> 327, [geeks] -> 527 

Input : I am a geek
Output : Sum of ASCII values:
         73 206 97 412 
         Total sum -> 788

This problem has existing solution please refer Sums of ASCII values of each word in a sentence link. We will solve this problem quickly in python using map() function and Dictionary data structures. Approach is simple,

  1. First split all words in sentence separated by space.
  2. Create a empty dictionary which will contain word as key and sum of ASCII values of it’s characters as value.
  3. Now traverse list of splitted words and for each word map ord(chr) function on each character of current word and them calculate sum of ascii values of each character of current word.
  4. While traversing each word map sum of ascii values on it’s corresponding word in resultant dictionary created above.
  5. Traverse splitted list of words and print their corresponding ascii value by looking up into resultant dictionary.
    1. Python3

      # Function to find sums of ASCII values of each 
      # word in a sentence in
      def asciiSums(sentence):
          # split words separated by space
          words = sentence.split(' ')
          # create empty dictionary
          result = {}
          # calculate sum of ascii values of each word
          for word in words:
               currentSum = sum(map(ord,word))
               # map sum and word into resultant dictionary
               result[word] = currentSum
          totalSum = 0
          # iterate list of splitted words in order to print
          # sum of ascii values of each word sequentially
          sumsOfAscii = [result[word] for word in words]
          print ('Sum of ASCII values:')
          print (' '.join(map(str,sumsOfAscii)))
          print ('Total Sum -> ',sum(sumsOfAscii))
      # Driver program
      if __name__ == "__main__":
          sentence = 'I am a geek'



      Sum of ASCII values:
      1361 97 879 730 658 327 527 
      Total sum -> 4579

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      Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2022
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