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MAN Full Form in Computer Networking

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2022
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MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network. It is a computer network that connects number of LANs to form larger network, so that the computer resources can be shared. This type of network covers larger area than a LAN but smaller than the area covered by a WAN which is designed to extend over the entire city. MAN is specially designed to provide high-speed connectivity to the users in which the speed ranges in terms of Mbps. The architecture of MAN is quite complicated hence, it is hard to design and maintain.  

History of MAN : 

When LANs are establishes in 1994 in order to provide data communication in building and offices, the businesses are primarily relied on public switched telephone networks for the interconnection of LANs. But the telephone network was not capable enough to handle that much of traffic. Hence, to overcome this problem it was suggested that LANs are connected using the single-mode optical fiber lines, which results in the creation of metropolitan area network(MAN) to provide the interconnection of LANs efficiently. These Fiber optic MANs are owned and operated by private organizations or businesses, and did not necessarily have full integration with the public wide area network (WAN) through gateways. 

Characteristics of MAN :

  • It can covers the area which ranges from 5 to 50 km, which is capable of carrying from a group of buildings to the whole city.
  • In MAN, data rates are moderate to high.
  • In MAN, mostly used medium is optical fibers which results in high-speed connectivity.
  • MAN networks provides high reliability because the error rate in this network is very less.

Advantages of MAN :

  • MAN offers high-speed connectivity in which the speed ranges from 10-100 Mbps.
  • The security level in MAN is high and strict as compared to WAN.
  • It support to transmit data in both directions concurrently because of dual bus architecture.
  • MAN can serve multiple users at a time with the same high-speed internet to all the users.

Disadvantages of MAN :

  • The architecture of MAN is quite complicated hence, it is hard to design and maintain.
  • This network is highly expensive because it required the high cost to set up fiber optics.
  • It provides less fault tolerance.
  • The Data transfer rate in MAN is low when compare to LANs.

Examples of MAN :

  • Cable TV network.
  • Used in government agencies.
  • University campuses.
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