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MakeMyTrip On Campus Interview Experience 2018

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019
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Makemytrip visited our campus for Placements.

There were total 5 rounds (1 coding + 2 technical + 1 design + 1 HR ).

Round 1
(120 minutes on Hackerearth) :

Total marks – 184
It consists of 2 sections-

1st section(84 marks) – 30 MCQ from Data Structures, OS, DBMS, Networking and OOPS. There was no aptitide MCQ. Each ques have variable marks (no negative).
The standard of questions were really good and you should have deep knowledge of the topic to answer.

2nd Section (100 Marks) – 2 coding ques (50 marks each) .

Ques1-It was a string problem that needs to be solved by using trie. The brute force solution was easy but only 3 test cases were passed.
There is a dictionary of words given and a pattern is given as query . You have to count all words in dictionary that matches the pattern.

Eg . dict – {bat, rat, sun, pen}, query – ‘ ?a? ‘, output: 2

Ques 2 – It was also a string problem . This was a tough question and in order to paas all the test cases many corner cases need to covered . No student was able
to score 50 in this question.

I do both question partially and around 20 MCQ’s.

Around 100 students appear for the test and only 6 were shortlisted for the interviews.

Round 2
FTF Technical Round (1 hr 20min) :

-The round started with discussion of the questions from online test and he asked my approach and optimization to paas all the test cases.
-Then he asked me about the projects I have done and a deep discussion on one of my project . Except code he asked almost everything .

Then he ask some questions like-
– Difference between user and Kernel space ?
– How to sort a stack (most optimized solution)
– Implement stack using queues
– Complete code for detect and remove loop in a linked list.

Round 3
FTF Technical Round (1 hr) :

-This round also start with a discussion on test questions.
-Then he asked me which project was discussed in previous round, so he discuss another project (but not so deep).

Then he ask me to write complete code for-

Rotten Oranges Problem (BFS)
-Trapping Rainwater Problem

Distance between 2 nodes of Binary tree
Other ques that were asked –

a number occurs more than half of size of array . Find the number.
– few ques on deadlocks.
– puzzle :

Round 4
FTF Design Round (40 min) :

This round was taken by Director . Only 3 candidates make to this round.

He asked some question from CV . Than asked about any project or something I have done that is not mentioned here.
Then he ask me to grade my self (on sclae of 10) on – Data Structure, Java, Database Management.
(Tip : Be modest and never rate more than 8.5).

Then he asked me one question to design OLA/UBER . For 10 min he discussed all the functionalities and features required . He was more interested in schema and
database design. The discussion was 30 min long.

Round 5 HR (15 min):

General HR ques –
-Tell me about yourself ?
-why MakeMyTrip ?
-what do you like/dislike about ppt ?
-if given a choice which location would you prefer ?

Only 2 students make till HR round and both were selected.
I was selected for Gurgaon location.

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