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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience

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MakeMyTrip recently visited our campus to hire full time employees. Here’s my interview experience:

Round 1: (Online MCQs)
Questions on aptitude, English, logical reasoning, C/C++ and 5 coding ques. (only pseudo code).

Round 2: (Online Coding Round)
1. A prisoner broke out from jail. In order to escape, he will have to jump n no. of walls and length of each wall is given. Maximum height to which prisoner can jump is given. Now since it was a rainy day all the walls are wet and when prisoner makes a jump he slips down l units. Calculate total no. of jumps he will have to make in order to escape. (Simple logical question)

2. Find smallest substring which contains all characters from a given string?
Input string1: “This is a test string”
Input string2: “tist”
Output: “t stri”

3. Given a maze. Drop a mouse in the maze randomly, and place a piece of cheese in any cell. The mouse can move 4 directions up down left rightThere are some walls on the way to block certain directions for certain position. Design an algorithm for the mouse to find the cheese.

Note: the mouse does not know where he is, and where the cheese is. He cannot find x,y for the position he is right now.

for instance


D is the block with walls on 4 sides.
If the mouse reaches the end of row or column, it gets the dead end.

Mouse is A, cheese is B. Return true if mouse can reach the cheese else return false.

Note: if your code doesn’t compile, they will not accept it even if your logic is correct.

Round 3: (Technical Interview)

• A brief intro of yourself and discussion on my projects.
• Then he asked me about my fav. subject and language (DS and C++).
• Questions on OOPS (almost all the concepts were covered like polymorphism, overriding, overloading, inheritance, concept of virtual fxns etc.)
• He wrote a C++ code and asked me to write the output.
• Some questions on DS and then he asked me to write algo for reversing a linked list.
• Then he asked me to explain one of the questions that I had attempted in the coding round. (They just want to make sure that you know the logic).
Round 4: (Technical Interview)
• Topics in DS that I am comfortable with and the ones with which I am not.
• Unfortunately this time he asked me questions from the later. They don’t want a correct answer but just want to see how you approach in such questions.
• Questions from bit-wise operators
• Then he asked me to explain other one of the two questions I had attempted in coding round.

Round 5: (HR Interview)
A quick intro
Discussion on my projects
What you know about their company apart from ppt. Make sure you study their website inside-out before you go for interviews, this shows your passion to work for their company.
Questions on strengths, weakness and hobbies. Be yourself. was of great help throughout my placement process.

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Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019
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