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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | Set 9 (Off-Campus for Sr. Android developer))

  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019
Geek Week

First round (Written) :

1. 4 Android questions:
a) What’s Recyclerview? Describe all components of Recyclerview with all callbacks and the benefits of Recyclerview.
b) Difference between thread, async task and service (in tabular format).
c) Callbacks invoked during addition of a fragment to back stack and while popping back from back stack.
d) Scenario in which only onDestroy is called for an activity without onPause() and onStop()

2. Describe a scenario in which deadlock occurs and a solution to overcome it.

3. Given an array, find the maximum difference between two array elements A[m] and A[n], such that n>m.

4. The relation between group of friends is transitive. So if student A is friends with student B, and B is friends with C, A becomes friends with C. They form a circle of friends. Given a matrix N*N and N students, each matrix entry indicating ‘Y’ or ‘N’ if they’re friends or if they’re not friends. We need to determine the number of circles.

Eg – 6 students, A,B,C,D,E,F.
A is friends with B, B with C. D is friends with E. F is friends with none.

Output : 3 circles.

F2F Round 1:
Starting with Java basics :
1. Uses of final, string pool concept, serialization, synchronization (how it can be done)
2. How can you implement thread pool executor.
3. Is it possible to declare final variable in abstract class.
4. What is externalization.

Android :
Lots of basic questions:
You need to provide more area for checking/unchecking checkbox than the default area of checkbox. How would you do it.
How would you implement zoom in zoom out functionality in Android.
How do you implement GCM push notifications.
What things would you do in each lifecycle method of activity?
What is IllegalStateException in Android? Any scenario when you encounter it and how to solve it?
Advantages and disadvantages of using fragment.
How would you implement swipe animation in Android.
How do you detect whether keyboard is open in an Android app.
And some more. But I don’t exactly remember.

Implement queue using 2 stacks.
After this, the interviewer seemed satisfied with my responses.

F2F Round 2 :
Android design questions:

1. You have a textview(3 lines) and a button below it. On clicking the button textview whole content should show. (Content is very large but due to 3 lines initially its not shown completely). You need to add animation while showing the full text of textview. How would you design this.

2. Some question related to showing images (for adult and child, like in flight booking system, we have 2 buttons for adding and removing adults/child). When there is 1 adult and 1 child, it should show as AC where A and C are icons for adult and child. On adding 1 more adult, it should show as AAC instead of ACA. How would you design such a system.

Got stuck in this round, and was rejected. 🙁

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