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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | Set 4

  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019

Round 1 : Written :

Q1. Given a stream of around billion numbers in an array, which has approximately only 1000 unique numbers. Print the unique numbers. Complexity should be less than O(n).
Input: 1,1,1,1,….2,2,2,…3,4,4,4,4……1111,1111,………..
Output : 1,2,3,4,1111

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Q2: Write a program to print the frequency of all words in a given paragraph.
Q3: Write a program to reverse the string word wise.
Eg: I/P : “I am a boy”
O/P: “boy a am I”

Q4: Write a program to explain producer consumer program using threads.

Q5: (Only theory) What data structures will you use to design a garbage collector.

Round 2: F2F

Q1: Given an array in which all numbers except two are repeated once. (i.e. we have 2n+2 numbers and n numbers are occurring twice and remaining two have occurred once). Find those two numbers in the most efficient way
Q 2 : Given a linked list with next and arbitrary pointers, clone it.

Q 3 : A lot of questions around Spring, Hibernate, REST, Dependency Injection, AOP etc.

Q4 : Reverse a linked list in groups of n.

Round 3: F2F

Q1: Vertical level order traversal of a tree.
Q2: Reverse the second half of the linked list in the most efficient way.
Q3: Find the merging point of two linked list.
Q4: Write a function to generate all possible n pairs of balanced parentheses.

For example, if n=1{}
for n=2

Q5 : Again a lot of drilling questions on Java, Spring, MVC, Singleton, Hibernate, REST.

Round 4 : F2F (Manager/Architect)

This round had questions more around various technology stacks,
Design Patterns ( Interceptor, Singleton, Publisher Subscriber, MVC etc etc )
UI Templates
In memory database
Log appenders

Round 5: F2F ( H.R. )

Generic questions like why do you want to join Makemytrip.
What are your career aspirations.
How do you think it aligns with MMT.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks for the awesome database of questions, that helped me clear the interview.

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