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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | Set 15 (For DevOps Intern)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2018

It took place at their main office in Gurgaon. Almost 42 students went for the interview.

Round 1(Written):

It was written round consisting of 20 Questions(40 min). It consisted of all computer science basics including SQL, DBMS, CN, OS, Linux commands.

Don’t try to cheat otherwise you will suffer in F2F rounds.

Round 2(F2F Technical):

It started with Tell me about yourself. Then asked about my favorite subject to which I replied Data Structures and Algorithms. He asked about favorite DS, to which i replied Trees and Graphs. So he asked questions on Trees based on variations of traversals. Then he went through my Resume and asked about my projects which i have done.Then he asked question related to testing as they were also hiring for the job role of QA Engineer. But I replied i am not good at SE subject and i have no interest in testing, I am only seeking Job role of DevOps. Then he asked me about my written round, to which i replied it was not very Good as i was not a linux user so was not that familiar with linux commands in the written Round. The interviewer was very helpful. After all this he asked me to wait outside. I was selected for second round.

Round 3(F2F Technical):

It started with the famous walk through the Resume. He asked about my projects in Detail. One of my projects was in Python and littlebit of AI. Then he asked about the libraries used and some functions of that libraries of Python.Then he asked me to explain whole Client and Server side, diff. between GET vs POST, HTTP vs HTTPS. What happens when we type Then he asked me about my cgpa which was too high 9.5+, he went through my Grade Card as well. As i was good at coding as I had mentioned my coding profiles with user handle on resume. He didn’t asked me much about coding. Then he asked about multi-threading, threads concept. He asked me about flask and django frameworks as mentioned on my Resume. Why should I hire you? I had only two rounds others also had 3 rounds.

The Interviewers were very friendly. They don’t expect you to be pro in anything. They will also guide you through in the interview.

VERDICT: 2 out of 42 was Selected for the post of DevOps internĀ and i was one of them


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