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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | Set 14 (For Senior Android developer)

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  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2019
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Senior Android developer(4-8 years)

Qualification & Experience-
· 4-8 years of experience in software development
· Experience in Mobile App development in Android is a must.
· Experience with a start-up would be added advantage.

Functional Competencies-
· Data Structures and algorithm, ORM
· Hands on working for J2EE in a professional environment
· Experience with the Android is must.
· Experience on web service integration (SOAP, REST, JSON, XML)
· Good understanding of OO programming and design patterns
· Experience with Android Platform (intents, services, threading, activity, fragments, etc.)
· Strong understanding of mobile application development

Around 70 people reached MMT Gurgaon office in the morning.

1st Round:
– Project related question
– Basic question of android like content provider, intent filter, broadcast receiver etc
– Internal implementation of HashMap
– Deep question of service / intent service and broadcast register.
– Internal working of recycler view.
– Given an array A[], write a function that segregates even and odd numbers. The functions should put all even numbers first, and then odd numbers.

2nd Round :

– Given an array of size N that contains values in the range [1 N-1], find All missing numbers Do each in O(n). with Working code.
HINT : By making it negative.

How to implement LRU caching scheme? What data structures should be used?

Was able to answer the LRU cache with discussion, but when i was writing its code, he got confused, told me to give only algo/ steps. Not seems to be convinced.

HR told me that review is Good for everything but not that LRU code. I told her Interviewer got confused. So she arranged another round of interview.

3rd Round :

Very Nice Guys, Good knowledge give you a lot of confidence.
– How will trigger notification at exact time/date. Not using Alarm api.
– String buffer String builder, How to make class immutable.
– Suppose One Class A, which has a member variable Class B. You have to make class variable immutable.
Hint : Return clone of B object when user call getB().
– M permission , dangerous permission etc.
Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size

4th Round :
Mobile Architect head
– Internal data structure used for showing /storing contacts in Phone
Hint : Tries
– Implement new language with condition like if a > b do this else do this
if else, boolean , ternary etc are not giving in this new language.

Solution : switch case with bit-wise operator
c = a – b;
case 0 :
both are equal, break;

case c << 32:
default : positive

– Pre post order of tree traversal

other questions asked to others:
left/right face of tree
Max/min of stack

They select 2 people only.
After that i was told i got selected, they will ask for required document once approval done by CEO.

After waiting for 4 days i was told that experience needed is 4 years but you have only 3 years 8 months excluding 6 month intern.

When i argued that why you short-list me at the first place. They conducted one more round of interview.

5th round:
Basic android question
Find random number in a array(suppose 1-10), like every time to get a number (suppose 6) , next random will be anything other then 6.
Sol: when you get any number, swap that position with list index of array
ex : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 => rand(1,10) => 6
next time
remove 6 and put last index value 10
1 2 3 4 5 10 7 8 9 => rand(1,9) => 9 so on till array empty

Round went perfect, then HR told me that this round review is average and 2nd round review is negative. So we cannot proceed further.
Had very bad experience.


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