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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | Senior Software Engineer Android (3 Years Experienced)
  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2020
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Current Experience: 3 Years.
Profile: Senior Software Engineer | Android

The interviewer was so laid back that I became unsure if I wanted to join the company.

Round 1(Technical Interview): It is a Zoom Call for around 1 hour

  1. Data Structure Question: Find a number of islands
  2. Shuffle an Array
  3. Fragments setArgument getArgument and Constructors and passing checking for onSavedInstance null before starting an activity.

Round 2(Technical Interview): It is a Zoom Call for around 40 minutes

  1. Activity A calls Activity B life cycle in the middle
  2. Login Screen Implementation using MVP
  3. Design Patterns used.
  4. ANR Encountered
  5. LiveData
  6. Builder Design Pattern
  7. DS Question – Linked List with the nth element.
  8. Rotate first k elements and put it in the end
  9. Kotlin basics
  10. Android Architecture Components

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