Make My Trip Interview Experience (On Campus)

Round 1: (Online test)

Online test was conducted 3 days before company visit.

This round contained 30 MCQ’S on Data Structures (especially on graphs) and 2 coding questions. They are:

  1. Given an array of integers and an integer K and indexes L and R. You have to find an element that is most repeated in between L and R when array is repeated K-1 times.
  2. Given a list of string url’s, sort them according to their count and when two strings have same count sort them lexicographically.

They shortlisted 31 students for ROUND-II.

Round 2: (Technical Round)

  1. This round almost went for some 30-45 mins in which half the time interviewer kept asking about my internship and curriculum projects. He gave me some modifications in the project and asked me how would I do that (not the entire code but the approach and SQL Queries).
  2. One data structures question: To find each alphabetic count in a string.
  3. Asked me whether I had any open source contribution.

They shortlisted 15 students for ROUND-III.

Round 3:(Technical Round)

  1. He asked me to write code for Spiral form of level order traversal.
  2. Asked if I had knowledge on graphs. I said yes, so he asked about BFS and its real life application.
  3. He asked how do I get mutual friends in any social network platform and explain how would someone get recommendations of a person in LinkedIn. This round also took 30-45 mins.

They shortlisted 8 students for ROUND-IV.

Round 4:(Technical + Hr Round)

  1. Asked what is most interesting and disinteresting topic in computer science.
  2. Differences between B TREES AND B+TREES.
  3. 16 GB RAM, 256 GB HARD DISK and there are 2 csv files
  • Customer file of 100MB having (customer Id, customer name)
  • Order file of 200GB having (order Id, customer Id and some order related details).

Task is to inner join those two files based on customer Id with using SQL and you can use any language such as C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON etc…

  1. Later asked me if I had any questions. This round went for almost an hour.

Finally they selected 4 students for Make My Trip and I was one among them.

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