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Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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Round 1 (Written Round: AMCAT Test): Online Test Consisted Of 5 Sections. Everyone Got Different Sets.

1.       Computer Programming Section (Only Pseudo Code Type Simple Questions)

2.       English (Sentences, Paragraphs, Antonyms, Synonyms, Fill In The Blanks, Error Detection & Jumbled Up Sentences)

3.       Quantitative Aptitude

4.       Analytical & Logical Reasoning

5.       Operating Systems, Data Structures & DBMS Section

Total 45 (22 From MCA) Shortlisted In Written Round


Round 2 (Technical Interview 1): F2F Interview

1.       Tell me about yourself – Answered

2.       What is your Area of Interests? I told Java & Data Structures – Answered

3.       Implement Linked List in Java – Answered

4.       ‘this’ pointer in Java – Answered

5.       Use of ‘protected’ access modifier in Java – Answered

6.       What is Byte Code in Java – Answered

7.       What is JVM – Answered

8.       Exception Handling in Java – Answered

9.       Two ways to implement Threads in Java – Answered

10.    Abstract classed and Interfaces in Java – Answered

11.    Difference between Overloading Overriding in Java – Answered

12.    Inheritance in Java. Does Java support multiple Inheritances – Answered

13.    Is Java a pure Object Oriented Programming language – Answered

14.    Aggregation & Association in Java – Answered

15.    Delete a node from the Linked List – Answered

16.    Insert a node in Linked List – Answered

17.    How to detect loop in Linked List – Answered

18.    Reverse a Linked List – Answered

3-4 Questions I didn’t remember and also I didn’t understand these questions in Interview. I directly replied “Sorry Sir! I don’t know the answer”.


Round 3 (Technical Interview 2): F2F Interview

1.       Are you from IGNOU?

2.       Then he asks me about my Year Gap.

3.       In which programming languages you can write code? I replied C, C++ & Java.

4.       Then he asks me to write a program (any program) in C++ without any Syntax Error.

5.       This program was the Termination Condition for me. He said that if you write the program without any Syntax Error then you OK, otherwise you OUT.

6.       I write “Hello world” program in C++.

7.       I wrote the program without any Syntax Error.


Round 4 (HR Round): F2F Interview

1.     Only family background related questions.

Finally 24 Placed (13 From MCA + 4 From CSE + 5 From ECE + 2 From IT)


All The Best!!


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Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2015
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