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Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021

Online Test: Mahindra Comviva visited our campus. An online coding Test was conducted on the AMCAT Platform.  It consists of 2 Coding questions of Medium Difficulty. 27 Students were shortlisted based on the online test.

Technical Interview: Technical Interview was 40 minutes duration in which Coding questions on Dynamic programming and Sorting Algorithms were asked. Also Operating Systems, Databases, and OOPS Concepts questions were asked like explain Multithreading, Deadlock, 64-bit operating Systems, Differences between process and thread, Unique key and Primary Key.

Detailed Discussion on one project. My project was based on Android and questions like how APIs are incorporated in the project were asked and it’s working. Also, Basic questions on OSI Model and its Layers and Software development models were asked(Ex: Waterfall Model).

Write-Up: Those who qualified after the Technical Interview were given topics and were supposed to write about them in 100-150 words. 

HR Round: This was one of the crucial Rounds as many students got eliminated in this round. It was a 30-min round in which Questions based on the Resume were given Importance. The Interviewer Asked about my Internship and Trending Technologies. He gave me a case study and asked how would I approach it. Some students were also asked puzzles and Guesstimates. Questions about Company and Further Studies Plans were Discussed.  

Finally, I was offered SLI+FTE at Comviva.

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