M.Tech Interview Experience at IIT-M

Hi, Guys am sharing my interview Experience with Indian Institute of Madras (IIT-M).

I did my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and i secured 83% which where I felt this Percentage won’t help me anywhere but all my thoughts have gone to vain since interview panel has appreciated my score and due to score I was given little priority. To make you clear that I wrote GATE 2019 statistics (ST) Paper and secured AIR-1023. let I discuss the model of interview. Their initial phase was like Written-test which comprises of Multiple Type Questions which was quite moderate and also this phase as descriptive type questions which examines the candidate on the concept. To be precise the duration of the test was 2 hours which comprises of 30 questions where we need to select the only correct option from that. This could be dealt with easily if you are good at each and every concept like Anova, Multivariate Variables, Scholastic Neighbours, Principle component analysis and more. There style and level of questions can be compared with Gate paper. I want to highlight that Probability, Linear algebra plays a vital role in Objective Type Part. Next, I would like to share about the descriptive part where they asked the concept/logic behind the Central limit Theorem and I made it super easy for them to understand and also they asked on distributions like a uniform, Pareto distribution and its characteristics. This was the whole 2 hours of exam which I was faced. I love statistics and with help my Teachers, Friends and motivation of my parents I got selected for IIT-M in a branch of the Data Analytics department. Thanks for each and every person who spent time reading this article.

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