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Luxoft Interview Experience for Software Engineer DotNet | 3+ Years Experienced

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  • Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2022

Luxoft – A DXC Technology Company Interview Experience for Technical Consultant Position.

Luxoft recruiter reach me through phone call saying we found your resume quite interesting and we have opening for technical consultant which matches with your technical skills. I said yes please proceed.

I was interviewed for technical consultant for Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance domain Luxoft for Bengaluru location. overall process took around one and half week of time.

Round 1(Time Duration – 90 Minutes): The first round was online MCQ test, comprised of 30 questions including basics of OOPS, API, C#, Fundamentals of .Net and 3 programs to write(2 Logic implementation and 1 SQL script). All 3 programs were quite easy. you just require basics of coding and SQL Joins.

I scored good number in first round so HR said there will one more technical interview(teams video call) with senior software engineer(SSE)and another would be with Manager or tech lead. HR  was polite and very supportive.

Round 2(Time Duration:~90 Minutes): Second round was video call meeting with SSE. she was very polite and helpful and it was a bit tough one. meeting started with greeting rituals and jumped into following technical questions:

  1. Advance OOPS concept, Many questions on Inheritance(Such as: does multiple inheritance allowed in C# if not why? what is private constructor? etc.) polymorphism, delegates, extension methods, anonymous method, Collections, Difference between dictionary and hash table etc.
  2. Basic SQL(primary/foreign/Composite key, indexing, real time application of views in your current project etc.) to medium SQL concepts(mainly on joins, common table expressions and Stored procedures, functions and difference between schema, database and table)
  4. How will you make an API call from C#(by using HttpClient or we can also call it by executing Jquery from C#)

 Round 3(Time Duration:60 Minutes): Teams(Video call) meeting with Technical Lead. Discussion happened mainly on project I have worked on and working, questions were like following:

  1. What is your role in the current project you working on?
  2. what are the technologies your current project using?
  3. Pleas tell me the workflow and architecture of your project and how can you improve it if it can be?
  4. Some behavioral questions, like what if your manager told you to finish the work within the deadline that is  not achievable? how would you estimate the user story that you are not fully aware of what time it will take?
  5. which application use for bug/error tracking?
  6. what software development life cycle methodology used?
  7. what are the tough/easy situations you have faced in your project and how did you overcome the challenges?
  8. we are working on latest technologies available in the market that I can see you have never worked on. how you going to manage it?
  9. what are your expectations from this company and what if we do meet your expectation?
  10. and at last do you have any questions for me(Do not say NO, ask questions like what project I will be working on, please brief me about that or any other questions you have. Do not ask obvious things that will make look stupid and unnatural who just want to ask the question but do not have the right question)

it was an hour long discussion and some of the questions were bit tricky and was not satisfied that I answered well. so it was like finger crossed but finally I got the call from HR that you cleared the final round now we need your documents and basic details so they sent me the link to fill all the details and complete the procedure.

As I had already told them my CTC expectation and they agreed on that and there was no point of discussing it again. 🙂

TIPS: For online test its up to you how you handle it but my suggestion is be calm and solve it wisely do not get stuck on hard question let easy one go in constraint of time before taking online coding test do hands on before the on online coding websites like Hacker Earth/Rank it gives exposure how to submit the code, pass the test and choosing language etc.

its been 8 months I have joined luxoft and all good so far.

Thanks for your time.

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