Lumiq Interview Experience (On-Campus )

The company offered jobs for 6 different positions:- Data Scientist, Full Stack Developer, Frontend Developer, Big Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Backend Engineer. 

Students with 6.0 CGPA and No backlogs were allowed to register. 

Round 1: Students were divided into 6 groups, and the test was taken through Google Forms. All the students have to join Google Meet while appearing for the test(for supervision). The test comprised of very basic questions, on Aptitude, Linux, output-based questions, DBMS, Operating System, Computer Networks. It was a 1hr test. 

Round 2: Resume Shortlisting Round 
Around 60 students were shortlisted for the interviews. 

Round 3: Students were basically asked questions depending on the role they applied for. I applied for a frontend role and was asked projects and resume based questions, then some related to frontends like improvements in HTML5 and various other. They also asked some condition based questions. 

I was unable to clear the interview.

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