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L&T Infotech Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2020

The LTI Recruitment Process 2020-2021 was divided into 3 sections. This was an on-campus(NIT Manipur) interview and the allowed only Computer Science students on 28th September.

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Written Test: In the Written test divided into two categories Level 1 and Level 2. The Written Test was divided into 7 sections.

  • Psychometric: You will get 86 Questions with a time limit of 20 minutes for this section.  
  • Quantitative Aptitude: You will get 10 Questions in 10 minutes for this section.
  • Logical Reasoning: You will get 10 Questions in 10 minutes for this section.
  • Verbal Ability: You will get 10 Questions in 10 minutes for this section.
  • Technical MCQ: 40 questions in 40 Minutes {OOPS, Programming basics, Types of loops, Pseudo codes/algorithms, Basics of SQL & PLSQL, Operating system basics, Basic HTML & SDLC}
  • Paragraph Writing: You have to write within 20 minutes, a maximum of 200 words not more than 200.  
  • One Coding Question: 45 Minutes 

If you solve the coding question then you are eligible for Level 2 otherwise for Level 1 I was selected for Level 2 and my Technical Interview on 28 Sep 2020.

Technical Interview: In that interview asked me, what is your strong subject then I told them DBMS, Python

Then she is started asking in DBMS like related to all key and joints and Query, and They mainly focus on your Communication skills

Result: Not Selected for the third round

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