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Lowe’s Company Interview Experience | On Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2018
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The platform of the test was cocubes. These were the following sections :

(a) Verbal Reasoning
(b) Quantitative Reasoning
(c) Technical (JAVA)
(d) Coding (2 questions)

21 students cleared the online test.


(a) How do you make 3 gallons (in 6 gallon jug) from a 6 and 5 gallon jug with infinite water supply?

(b) In this problem, three missionaries and three cannibals must cross a river using a boat which can carry at most two people, under the constraint that, for both banks, that the missionaries present on the bank cannot be outnumbered by cannibals. The boat cannot cross the river by itself with no people on board.


The process started around 3 p.m. (was expected to start at 12 p.m.) and I got my call for the interview around 8 p.m. in evening.
(a) Tell me about yourself.
(b) Describe your projects.
(c) What’s your favourite subject?
(d) What are the types of object available in JAVA?
(e) How can we create an object?
I answered him, using new operator, we can create it. For e.g. : ABC abc = new ABC(); The new operator is followed by a call to a class constructor, which initializes the new object.
Then, he questioned me, how can we create an object without using ‘new’?
(f) Write some code related to your project and its database connectivity.
(g) What is Class.forName()?
(h) How can you share your data between two applications?
(i) What are the different types of loader in JAVA?
(j) 12, 22, 45, 89, 90, 33 : this is the sample data which he gave to me. Then he asked me to sort it using quick sort.
(k) Explain Heap Sort and its internal functionality.
(l) How you solved the three missionaries and three cannibals puzzle? Explain the steps.
(m) Do you have any questions for me?

Unfortunately, I was not selected for HR. But these are following questions which was asked in the HR interview.

Round 4 : HR Interview
(a) Tell me about yourself.
(b) Tell me about Lowe’s and Why you want to join?
(b) We are giving you some real situation and you have to tell me what you gonna do at that time.
(i) You have a responsibility to build an app for the customer. App should at least satisfy the customer and make him/her happy? What you will going to build? Use your innovative mind, we will not accept anything which is already available in the market.
(ii) In office, your senior is blaming you about the mistake which is not done by you but your colleague (who is your best friend). So at time, what will you do?
(iii) Company has built a software with some error (which is available in market right now). Now, this error is making loss to the company. How will you manage this situation?
(c) Do you want to ask something?

Only 4 students cleared the interview.

Hope my interview experience helps you and all the best for your recruitment process. Cheers!! I would be happy to help further if needed.

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