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Lodash _.bind() Method

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The Lodash _.bind() method is used to create a function that will invoke the given function with the this binding of thisArg and it is used to bind a function to an object. When the function is called, the value of this will be the object. The _.bind.placeholder value, which defaults to _ in monolithic builds, may be used as a placeholder for partially applied arguments.


_.bind(func, thisArg, partials)

Parameter: This method accepts three parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • func: This parameter holds the function that will bind.
  • thisArg: This parameter holds the object elements.
  • partials: This parameter needs to add some symbols between the elements.

Return value: This method returns a new bound function.

The below example illustrates the Lodash _.bind() method:

Example 1:


// Acquiring lodash variable
const _ = require('lodash'); 
// Function
var fun = function(Geeks) { 
    return 'Company Name : ' + this.Company 
        + '\nAddress : ' + this.Address 
        + '\nContact : ' + this.Contact 
// Use of bind() function
var func = _.bind(fun, { 
    Company: 'GeeksforGeeks'
    Address: 'Noida'
    Contact: '+91 9876543210' 


Company Name : GeeksforGeeks 
Address : Noida 
Contact : +91 9876543210

Example 2:


// Lodash variable
const _ = require('lodash'); 
var obj = { 
    Name: "GeeksforGeeks"
    Address: "Noida" 
var fun = function (Geeks) { 
    return 'Welcome to ' + this.Name 
        + '\nAddress: ' + this.Address 
var func = _.bind(fun, obj); 


Welcome to GeeksforGeeks 
Address: Noida


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Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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