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Llama 3: Meta’s New AI Model

Last Updated : 20 Apr, 2024
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Meta AI just got a major upgrade with Llama 3, a powerful new large language model (LLM). This cutting-edge technology promises to change the way you interact with Meta’s platforms like Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Llama 3 boasts superior Natural Language Processing (NLP), enabling Meta AI to deliver smarter assistance, richer search results, and even generate creative text formats. Get ready for an AI experience like never before!

Read In Short:

  • Meta’s AI assistant is now powered by Llama 3, a cutting-edge large language model.
  • This powerful model boasts improved natural language processing and understanding, enhancing user experience across Meta apps.
  • Llama 3 marks a big step in large language model development, paving the way for exciting future applications.

What is Llama 3?

Llama 3 is Meta’s latest and most powerful large language model (LLM). Imagine a super AI trained on massive amounts of text. Llama 3 excels at understanding language, making Meta AI (their virtual assistant) in Facebook, Messenger, etc. much smarter! Expect faster responses, better conversations, and even creative text features like summaries or different writing styles. This is a big leap in AI development!

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What is a Large Language Model (LLM)?

Large language models (LLMs) are a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) system trained on massive amounts of text data. This allows them to analyze and understand language with proficiency. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a key area where LLMs excel. They can perform tasks like:

  • Text generation: Creating human-quality text, translating languages, and writing different kinds of creative content.
  • Question answering: Providing informative responses to user queries.
  • Sentiment analysis: Understanding the emotional tone of a piece of text.

Llama 3 Architecture

  • Better Encoding: Llama 3 uses a powerful tokenizer with a vast vocabulary of 128,000 tokens, allowing for more efficient language processing.
  • Improved Inference: The model leverages a technique called “grouped query attention” (GQA), which boosts efficiency during information retrieval.
  • Huge Dataset: Meta trained Llama 3 on a staggering 15 trillion tokens, 7 times larger than its predecessor (Llama 2). This data comes from publicly available sources.
  • Focus on Multilinguality: Over 5% of the training data is non-English, encompassing 30+ languages. While performance might not be equal across all languages yet, this signifies a move towards multilingual capabilities.
  • Custom Training Infrastructure: Training the largest Llama 3 models required a combination of three parallelization techniques and custom-built 24,000 GPU clusters, highlighting the immense computational resources needed.

Llama 3 Release Date

Meta introduced Llama 3, their new open-source large language model, on April 18, 20241. They have plans to release smaller versions of Llama 3 in May 2024 and the full open-source model is expected to be released in July 20242.

Benefits of Using Meta AI Apps with Llama 3

The advantages of using Meta apps powered by Llama 3 extend beyond just improved communication:

  • Increased Productivity: Get tasks done faster and more efficiently with AI-powered assistance.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Explore new ideas and approaches with the help of AI-generated content and suggestions.
  • Accessibility Improvements: AI can personalize interfaces and content, making Meta apps more accessible to a wider audience.

Search Integration in the Apps

Meta AI brings a powerful search functionality directly into the apps you use every day – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Here’s how it simplifies the experience:

  • Easy Information Retrieval: Formulate your question or search query directly within the app using Meta AI. Imagine researching a new restaurant on Facebook, and then seamlessly booking a reservation within the same platform.
  • Real-Time Results: Meta AI leverages search engines like Google or Bing to deliver up-to-date results in real time. This means you get the latest information without ever leaving your social media feed or chat conversation.
  • Contextual Awareness: Meta AI considers the context of your current activity. For example, planning a ski trip in a Messenger chat? Ask Meta AI to find flights and suggest less crowded dates – all within the chat window!
  • Cross-App Functionality: The search feature transcends individual apps. Imagine researching a travel destination on Instagram, and then using the search function within Messenger to book a group trip with friends.

This integrated search functionality makes Meta AI a powerful one-stop shop for information retrieval and completing tasks, saving you valuable time and streamlining your digital experience within the Meta ecosystem.

Llama 3 Meta AI

  • Instant Insights: No need to leave Facebook! Use Meta AI directly within your feed to delve deeper into captivating posts.
  • Curiosity Quencher: See a photo of the Northern Lights? Ask Meta AI the best time to see the Aurora Borealis, all within the post itself.
  • Contextual Knowledge: Meta AI leverages the context of your feed to provide relevant information. Explore a new recipe. Ask for ingredient substitutions or pairing suggestions.

Meta AI transforms your Facebook feed into a springboard for exploration and learning, empowering you to discover more without ever leaving the platform.

Meta AI Imagine Feature

Meta AI introduces a new feature called Imagine. Here’s what it offers:

  • Real-Time Image Generation: Simply type a description and watch Meta AI craft an image in real-time. You can also describe your desired style and see options come to life.
  • Interactive Refinement: Refine your concept as you go by adding details or changing keywords. This process ensures the final image aligns perfectly with your vision.
  • Beyond Static Images: Breathe life into your creations with animations or explore different artistic styles. Want a children’s book illustration of your concept? No problem!
  • Effortless Sharing: Once completed, share it easily with friends and family on various platforms directly within the app.

Imagine unlocks a new level of creative expression within the Meta ecosystem, making it a powerful tool for artists, designers, and anyone with a spark of imagination.

Meta AI Integration on WhatsApp

Meta AI integrates into WhatsApp, transforming group chats and one-on-one conversations:

  • Smarter Group Interactions: Ask Meta AI questions directly within a group chat using the “@” symbol. Imagine settling restaurant debates or getting instant summaries of complex topics without leaving the chat.
  • Enhanced Information Retrieval: Need quick information? Meta AI can search the web directly within WhatsApp, fetching relevant results and saving you time.
  • Language Breakdown: Struggling with a message in another language? Meta AI offers real-time translation within the chat, fostering smoother communication across borders.
  • Personalized Fun: Use Meta AI to generate creative text formats like poems or limericks based on conversation topics, adding a unique twist to your chats.

Meta AI allows you to be more productive, informed, and even playful within your WhatsApp experience, making it a valuable tool for connecting and engaging with others.

Qualcomm Partnership with Meta Llama 3

  • Powering Devices with AI: Meta and Qualcomm are partnering to optimize Llama 3 for smartphones, PCs, VR/AR headsets, and even vehicles.
  • Direct on-Device Processing: This means Llama 3 will run directly on these devices, enabling:
    • Faster Responses: Expect quicker processing and responses to your queries and requests.
    • Enhanced Privacy: Data stays on your device, potentially increasing privacy compared to cloud-based processing.
    • Improved Reliability: On-device processing offers a more reliable experience, even with limited internet connectivity.
    • Personalized Interactions: The model can leverage on-device data for more tailored experiences.
  • Democratizing AI: This collaboration aims to integrate Llama 3 with upcoming Snapdragon chipsets, making advanced AI functionalities accessible to a wider audience.

Benchmarking Llama 3

Llama 3 boasts significant improvements compared to its predecessors. To showcase its capabilities, Meta conducted evaluations using various benchmarks. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the results:

Category Benchmark (Details) Llama 3 8B Llama 2 7B Llama 2 13B Llama 3 70B Llama 2 70B
General MMLU (5-shot) 66.6 45.7 53.8 79.5 69.7
AGIEval English (3-5 shot) 45.9 28.8 38.7 63.0 54.8
CommonSenseQA (7-shot) 72.6 57.6 67.6 83.8 78.7
Winogrande (5-shot) 76.1 73.3 75.4 83.1 81.8
BIG-Bench Hard (3-shot) 61.1 38.1 47.0 81.3 65.7
ARC-Challenge (25-shot) 78.6 53.7 67.6 93.0 85.3
TriviaQA-Wiki (5-shot) 78.5 72.1 79.6 89.7 87.5
Reading Comprehension SQuAD (1-shot) 76.4 72.2 72.1 85.6 82.6
QuAC (1-shot, F1) 44.4 39.6 44.9 51.1 49.4
BoolQ (0-shot) 75.7 65.5 66.9 79.0 73.1
DROP (3-shot, F1) 58.4 37.9 49.8 79.7 70.2
Instruction Tuned Models MMLU (5-shot) 68.4 34.1 47.8 82.0 52.9
GPQA (0-shot) 34.2 21.7 22.3 39.5 21.0
HumanEval (0-shot) 62.2 7.9 14.0 81.7 25.6
GSM-8K (8-shot) 79.6 25.7 77.4 93.0 57.5
MATH (4-shot) 30.0 3.8 6.7 50.4 11.6

Note: Across various categories, Llama 3 models (especially the larger 70B version) outperform previous iterations of Llama in terms of accuracy and comprehension.

Difference Between Llama and Other Large Language Models

Here’s a table comparing Llama 3 to other prominent Large Language Models (LLMs):

Feature Llama 3 (Meta) GPT-4 (OpenAI) Claude 3 Sonnet (Anthropic)
Availability Open-Source Not Public Not Public
Focus NLP & Reasoning Multimodal Code Generation & Reasoning
Parameters 8B & 70B Unknown Unknown
Strengths – Open-Source
– Reasoning & Comprehension
– Potentially Powerful
– Multimodal Capabilities
– Code Generation
– Safety Focus
Weaknesses Newer Model (Less Established) Limited Access Limited Focus on NLP
Benchmarks Outperforms on MMLU, HumanEval Not Publicly Available Not Publicly Available
Applications Improved Meta AI Assistant Creative Text Formats (Unconfirmed) Code Generation & Review

Note: Information about GPT-4 and Claude 3 Sonnet is limited due to their non-public nature.

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Llama 3 Availability

  • Meta AI Expansion: Meta AI is extending its reach beyond the US, launching in over a dozen countries including:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Ghana
    • Jamaica
    • Malawi
    • New Zealand
    • Nigeria
    • Pakistan
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • Uganda
    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe
  • Meta AI Imagine Feature: (Limited Access)
    • Beta testing is underway in the US on:
      • WhatsApp
      • Meta AI web experience
  • Meta AI on Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: (Limited Access & Location)
    • Currently available in the US only
    • Planned expansion to Meta Quest headsets
  • Meta AI (powered by Llama 3):
    • Currently not available for direct public use
  • Llama 3 Model:
    • Open-Source: Yes (This means the underlying code is accessible for researchers and developers)

Overall: While Meta AI and Llama 3 are not directly available for public use yet, the expansion plans and open-source nature of Llama 3 suggest broader accessibility in the future.


Meta AI, powered by the Llama 3 large language model (LLM), is a huge advancement in AI technology. Llama 3 boasts superior capabilities in Natural Language Processing (NLP), leading to a more intelligent and versatile Meta AI. Expect enhanced experiences across Meta’s platforms, from smarter chatbots and richer search functionalities to creative text formats like poems or summaries. This is a big step towards a future where AI integrates into our daily lives, entrusting us to interact with technology and information in more reflexive and personalized ways.

Frequently Asked Questions – Llama 3

Is Llama better than GPT?

It’s difficult to say definitively as GPT-4 details are limited. Benchmarks suggest Llama 3 excels in specific areas, but overall performance might be comparable.

Is Llama 3 multimodal?

No, current information suggests Llama 3 focuses on NLP (Natural Language Processing) tasks, unlike some competing models with multimodal capabilities.

Is Meta AI Llama 3 available for public use?

No, Meta AI Llama 3 is not currently available for direct public use, but the underlying code (Llama 3) is open-source.

Who is Llama 3?

Llama 3 is a large language model (LLM) developed by Meta, designed to power Meta AI, their virtual assistant platform.

Is Meta AI available in India?

Meta AI is expanding to over a dozen countries, but India is not explicitly mentioned. It’s possible Meta AI might be available in India, but further confirmation is needed.

Is Llama faster than ChatGPT?

There’s no direct comparison in the article, but benchmarks suggest Llama 3 offers faster inference due to grouped query attention (GQA).

What is Llama 3 release date?

According to a press release from Meta, the release date of Llama 3 was April 18, 2024.

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