Livspace Interview Experience

Status: Test Engineer
Position: Xerox
Location: Bangalore, India
Date: July 14, 2019

I applied online (without any referrals) and got a call back one week later. It was a one day process where they took 3 rounds (2 technical & 1 Manager).

Phone screening:-
On the phone interview, they asked me a few general questions and a few simple technical questions, Testing Related Questions and they explained the workflow and Process.

1. First Round:-
The Interviewer was awesome, he asked me to code in c++ and as I didn’t code in c++ earlier, he explained pointers properly. he asked 3 Questions on Linked list Using Pointer.

  1. Reverse a linked list
  2. Verify given linked list is circular or not.
  3. Find the middle element of given linked list with two pointers.

2. Second Round:-
Second round was taken by the Testing manager and she asked a program to find the first duplicate character in the given string. And Verify given url is valid or not using Regular Expression.

3. Third Round:-
Third Technical round : Last interview round I think the interviewer was in hurry in that I didn’t get proper time to solve but he asked two programs in that

  1. print an array with no duplicate numbers.
  2. sum of two numbers – algorithm.

Result:- They have told me HR will get back to me soon! as i was an early joiner they offered me after one day itself.

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