Livspace Interview Experience | SDE-2 Bangalore | September 2019

Position: SDE-2 at Walmart
Location: Bangalore, India
Date: September, 2019

I got to know about Livspace through a friend of mine who was working as an SDE there. He referred me to the HR, and after having a discussion with the HR, she scheduled an onsite interview for me.

Round 1:

It was a Data Structures and Problem Solving round.

Round 2:

It was a Problem Solving and Low Level Design round.

Round 3:

System Design round.

  • Design Content Management System for Livspace: with a focus on building it scalable and modular

After all the rounds, I had a discussion with the HR. She informed me on the same day that they are extending an offer letter. HR was proactive in informing me about all the details, and the whole interview procedure was completed within a day, unlike in other companies where it usually took around 1 week. After the offer letter was extended, HR also scheduled a few discussions with the Manager and Architect whom I would be working with. I felt very comfortable after understanding the work that the Tech team does here. Overall, it was a pleasing experience and one of the smoothest experiences that I went through.

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