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Livspace Interview Experience | SDE 2 | Bangalore | 2019
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020

I came to know about Livspace through a third party agency and frankly on a first glance, it didn’t attract me much as a tech savvy company. On finding more about Livspace, I was amazed by the complexity of technical problems it deals with and the scale it works on.
Usually Livspace takes 4 rounds of interviews, but for me there were only 3 rounds.

Round 1 : Data structures and Algorithms, problem solving

Round 2 : OOPs concepts, low level designing and problem solving

  • Given a string which represents a valid expression and consists of ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘+’, ‘-’, ‘*’ and variable names. For eg: (a + b),
    a * (c + d), ((a + b) + (c+d)), etc. return a string without redundant brackets. For example if the input is ((a) + (b)), the output should be (a + b)
  • This was an open ended problem and the purpose was to test OOPs concepts and problem solving skills. The problem was to make a library which will facilitate the conversion of a JSON object to a class object and vice versa. It was an open ended problem and the interviewer wants to check the edge cases handling and designing capabilities.

Round 3 : Hiring manager round

I felt this was the most friendly and casual round. The purpose of this round was to find whether I’ll be a good fit or not. It involved talking about all my previous projects in detail and discussing the problems solved at Livspace. This round helped me a lot to gain deep insights about Livspace and was crucial while accepting the offer. It lasted around 90 min.
I was extended a verbal offer then and there and a written offer the next day. Overall the whole process was super smooth, all the interviewers were really smart and open minded about alternate solutions. Very positive interview experience

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