Livspace Interview Experience | SDE 1 | Bangalore | 2019

Status: Software Developer
Position: SDE 1
Location: Bangalore, India

Round 1:

  • Basic JS concepts like event loop, difference between var, let and const, block scopes and variable hoisting.
  • Write code for the function sum(a)(b)(c)….( n)(); It should return sum of a + b+ c+ …..+n.
  • Write a polyfill for bind method.
  • Event delegation.
  • CSS position property, flex box, grids.

Round 2:

This round was related to Design. Interviewer asked snakes and ladders problem. I was asked to first explain how I would implement the board and then write the code for it. This required to cover the cases like declaring the winner, switching between players, encounters with ladders and snakes.

Round 3:

This round was a mix of technology and culture. It was mostly about challenges that I have come across before and things that I have worked on and few questions on ways and ideas on how I can make an application run faster, how I can make an application run on low-bandwidth areas. Other than this, it was about what Livspace is and how it is doing and future prospects.

Overall, my experience was good. All the interviewers were very calm and helpful.

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