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Livspace Interview Experience for SDE-II
  • Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2019

I have 4+ years of experience mostly into Web development.

This is my interview experience with Livspace. I successfully cleared all the rounds.

Round 1: JS and CSS basics

  • Explain how a website is rendered. How render tree is created
  • Explain different position values in CSS. 
  • How to handle Asynchronous operations. Event Loop
  • Some coding questions based on Currying and Recursion etc.
  • Explain Prototypes and Inheritance in JS. (In depth knowledge is must)
  • As I had experience in React, some questions based on React like Pure Component, Diff algorithm
  • Server Side Rendering

Round 2: Advanced concepts in web development

  • Explain how Promise works. Implement scenarios having cascading Promises
  • Write polyfills for few built in methods like split, debounce etc

Puzzles were asked like shortest distance between two corners of a cube (

Round 3: Application Design Round

  • Was asked to make Snake & Ladder game. For this, the focus was not on implementing the complete game but more on the thought process. 
  •  How will we implement the S&L board, what data structure to use etc.

Round 3: Hiring Manager Round

  • This round was mostly to judge my ability on how well and quickly I can pick up some new technology and implement. Also, if I am fit to work in a team etc.
  • Some concepts like CORS, HTTPS etc were asked which were good to have but not much of a judging criteria.


My overall feedback about the process was that the panel was well versed and would set the tone and expectation of each round at the beginning and patiently go about the process. 

They gave ample time to explain what the company is doing and about the tech stack etc.


My suggestion would be don’t fake if you don’t know something. Just admit and move forward. 

Also, keep explaining them about your thought process. Will help to attract some brownie points based on the thinking.

Happy that I cracked it !!!!!

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