Livspace Interview Experience for SDE-II

I have 4+ years of experience mostly into Web development.

This is my interview experience with Livspace. I successfully cleared all the rounds.

Round 1: This round was purely based on very basic concepts of JS, CSS and HTML. Main purpose of this round was to check the core knowledge of JS and CSS. 

– What is SSR and CSR. How to decide which approach will be good for a website.

– What are the middle steps while rendering a HTML page on browser?

– How does inheritance work in JS?

– Interviewer asked me to write CSS for grid layout

– Interviewer gave me a code and asked me to explain the output with the help of “event loop”

– What are the different ways to achieve asynchronous behaviour in JS?

– I have worked on React, so interviewer asked me how exactly “Diff Algorithm” works in React.

Round 2: This round was to check the code maintainability, Decision making and a bit of architectural knowledge

– Interviewer asked me the benefit and drawbacks of keeping independent product code in single repo or different repo

– In which case, we should make our website responsive means It should support Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

– There were some questions based on my previous company projects

– Interviewer asked me to explain some approach for independently deploying a component without building and deploying a full website. So that we can update a component any time without worrying about the full website.

Round 3:  Hiring Manager Round. In this round, the main purpose was to analyze my team skill, behaviour, ownership and problem solving skills

– What are your expectations from new job?

– What is the role of Tech in business, how it can help business grow? In this discussion I gave him an example of SEO and how it can impact the business

– Few more questions around the role and ownership of projects

– In this round, manager explained to me the whole idea of the company. What is the problem they are solving.

I got to know about this company through one of my friends who are already working here. He recommended me to join the team here as they are building really cool products. On the same day of the interview, I was informed that I am selected. It look less than a week in this whole process. I had few other offers too but I chose to join Livspace.

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