Livspace Interview Experience for SDE-I (UI)

Round 1: The first round was about Javascript and CSS concepts

  1. Javascript:
  1. Write code to multiply 3 numbers 
  • multi(x)(y)(z)
  • multi(x)(y)(z)…..(n)
  1. Explain event propagation
  2. Write code to get user name based on highest mark (filter in es6) than modified the question  for map  
  3. Some code correction questions 
  4. Compare Async/Await and Generators usage to achieve same functionality
  5. What’s the difference between .call and .apply?
  1. CSS:
  2. Explain positions and asked some questions related to position 
  3. Fixed the div at bottom without using position property and scroll the page 
  4. Should you use !important?

Round 2:  [ Coding]  Write code for Snake and ladder problem

Round 3:  [ Manager] Talked about Livspace previous experience and challenges.

Every interviewer introduced themselves in the beginning and asked me about previous exp.

They are very helpful to recall concepts etc

Gave me a chance to ask questions at the end.

Everyone was friendly and I had a positive experience


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